Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Followers: Read This

If you are one of the 12 people that is stress regularly follow this blog or just come across it...  Be sure to check out my other blog called Eight Insights .

You just might find it interesting! 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

So much has changed...

Not sure anyone still follows the blog..  Just in case... Here is where we are now.

Our eighth baby was born in March of 2013.

We are officially a family of ten. 
Amos Ethan 1
Ruth Maryanna 4
Levi James 7
Selah Joy 9
Grace Elizabeth 11
Titus Casey 13
John Russell 15
Micah Allen 16

We are still enjoying Relate Church immensely !!!

The oldest three are now in public school and doing tremendous!!! 

The youngest 5 are learning lots in homeschool!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Needed: Words

Funny I never thought I'd say I needed words and yet its really not what you think. Often times I find myself speaking when its not necessary or not speaking when I really should. Being a wife and mother is on the top of my list of things I do daily, and you know that is the two areas I need words less! You see many years ago God gave me a Word for my heart, a way for me to grow. It was simply this: "Stop!" "Wait!" "Listen!" "Act!" What stuck out to me in that word was not one did God say speak! Don't misunderstand me I talk plenty and I believe it is needed in many areas. I also believe that for some not talking is the biggest area we need to work on! Not doing something you are good at it can be the toughest thing and somehow when you past the test it is a breath of fresh air! Here are a few of my examples where I am learning not to speak: Rather than a harsh word over a spilt cup, a helping hand goes a long way! Instead of giving your opinion of the difficult situation, a hug or an ear to listen is often more effective! After a long day at work, my hubby is more helpful if when I'm asked "how was your day?" I simply say, "Good" and have supper ready! My two teen boys rarely want my advice, and I believe now more than ever the stop,wait,listen,act principle will benefit my nurturing skills more than ever as they spread their wings! So you see I'm am in need of words, just the few words at the right time, not the many that come when none shoulda be spoken at all! Keep in mind this Word was given to me ...MANY, years ago and yet here I am again still learning the simple things! A very dear friend of mine, who recently went to heaven, once shards with me that in all years of ministry she never went a day without learning something! My hopes are I'm that way too! By far perfect, loved by a perfect God!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Quiet Moments

In our household with 9 people and 5 of them under 12 it is rarely quiet!

Yesterday I drove for 12 hrs to take my youngest 5 to my parents in Texas and come home to Mississippi, today is quiet!

I knew I would miss them, just didn't realize how much! I'm learning to enjoy the " quiet moments"...

Often that has been my struggle to ENJOY the quiet moments and not try to fill the void I feel!

God is revealing to me that in the "quiet moments" I see HIM, I see LOVE, I hear WISDOM, I know PEACE!

So for the next month as my children are being loved and taken care of graciously by my parents, I choose to ENJOY the " Quiet Moments"!

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Realization of Speciality

My whole life I have known I was Special!

You might say well aren't you boastful?!

But hold on and hear me out!

By Special I mean different, unique and challenging! You see I never thought of it as a good thing.

I struggled on a regular basis with knowing I did not fit in, I was always different and most often in not good ways.

Especially in my teen years I discovered even more how "special"
I really was!

This continued well unto my adulthood unfortunately!

In the past year, maybe 2, I have seen God work miracles and place people in my life who have stretched me, encouraged me, supported me and loved me for who I am and no more!

My Awareness of my Speciality has COMPLETELY changed for the better! You see, I am no different in many ways than that awkward teenager, or bold child I once was, I have just come to realize I was made to be Me and no one else!

God is Almighty, He DID NOT make a mistake by making me! I am wife to John because God put us together! I am a mother to my children because God knew I needed them and they needed me! I am friends to those I am because God knew we were capable of putting into each others lives! I am serving in ministry because of the gifts God placed I'm me to be used for His Kingdom!

Yes, I am Special! Yes, I am Different! Yes, I am Unique! I can think of no one else I'd rather be than Me!

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Jiggles

It is A New Year and Amazingly so too! Hard to Believe its the year 2012 already!

Our family is still a large family of 9 blessed by God's continued Mercy and Grace in a Daily Basis!

I have seen God work more miracles this year than I can imagine! He truly is an Awesome, Good God!

Micah is 14, growing as a young man in Christ, Blessing me more everyday!

John Russell is 12.5 still my teddy bear as sweet as he was as a baby... I will never out grow a hug from him or any of my children!

Titus is 10 nearing 11 and still a ladies man... I hope to hold on tight to him for several more years al least though!

Grace is 8 and I am seeing her grow into a beautiful young lady already... Way too fast!

Selah just turned 7 and is still my little princess... She loves to dress up though she likes to feel bigger now too!

Levi is less than a month from being 5 and still every bit of boy! He is full of energy and almost more than I can handle at times... I am very thankful for God's Grace!

Ruth is 2 now and still tiny for her age... Baby Ruth fits her perfectly and we nicknamed her "candybar" because she is so sweet! She truly is a mommas girl!

John and I will Celebrate our 15th Anniversary on the 4th Of Jan! I'm so blessed to still be married to the love of my life!

This is going to the best year of our lives!!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Busily Blessed

It has been so long since I've written... Hard to write from a Mobil device... Really need  Computer... I will work around it though...

School is moving swiftly and smoothly! Each child has areas they need work on ... That's what school is for right learning what you don't know!

Church is Amazing! The people are wonderful and God is moving in so many ways!
I have discovered a new found love for teaching children and seeing the joy in their eyes as they hear about God's Love!
Being apart of a body who absolutely loves serving... Just makes it all the more easier!

God has also renewed my love for worship and signing put together... I have list my fear if whether people think I'm right or wrong... It's not for them anyway... It's for God alone! If I indeed minister to others in three process it is an added blessing!

So ad you can see God has abundantly blessed us and though I cannot describe the many many other ways, I assure you they are many!

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wow How Time Flies!

No telling how long since I've posted in my blog.. I miss my computer and hoping phone inspires me to write more often now!
Lovely weekend and It's going to be an even better week!
Yay! Praise the Lord!
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Forever and a Day!

It seems like forever since i've connected with my blog! With homeschooling 6 kids this year and trying to organize... It has taken more time than writing a blog allows for!

Not to mention taking over the decorating for preschool and learning the ropes... I've been busy to say the least!

My health has been AMAZING! God has begun to guide me and strengthen me in ways I never new possible! The love for my mate of almost 15 years is growing stronger day by day! Being with my children is a Joy I will never regret!

Truly God has blessed me beyond measure! I love my family and all I have been given!

My heart longs to be totally reliant on God for everything I need and recently I've come to a place where I know He is my all!
This new Revelation has given me such freedom... Freedom to know that I am loved and I am Special!

For years ... Many years I have fought a mind battle to remember that on a daily basis... Despite being told it over and over again by so many! I am loved... By the One that is most important... Add in all those around me and that is just the cherry on top so to speak!

My fulfillment comes from knowing I am serving a purpose greater than anyone could imagine! I walk in His love... I serve in His image...I follow His plan! God is my best friend!

God is my Confidant,my Counselor, my Abba Father! I worship God from a place so deep that many will never see... I worship for His Glory alone! I serve for His glory alone! I do my best for His Glory alone!

I can hear the critics say... These are just words... You'll need others... I never said I did NOT need others... I just said God is my first and foremost!

God provides when all else fails! God teaches me when no one else has the answer! God hugs me when I'm way out if arms reach! God loves me despite my daily failures... Or my momentary failures too!

I ve seen the light... Nothing can hide it now! I need God and God alone... So that makes me especially very thankful for all the friends and family I've been blessed with to add to that!

Who do you rely on... When there is no one to call or no one around?

Why do you worship? Worship is a true form of love expressed in freedom! It matters not what people think because at the end if the day... They are thinking about you much less than you really think anyway!

The feeling I have of all the cares in the world being taken by  the Almighty God... Is a feeling I wish for every man woman and child... On a daily basis! Who needs a crisis to trust God do it now... You'll be amazed at the peace and Joy you will feel!

God is good.. mire than that ... God is Great... He is your provider... Your All! Allow Him to be all He wants to be in your life!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Bright Side

To look at the mountain of laundry in my room you'd think I'd be overwhelmed... When in fact it makes me happy... You see they are ALL clean! Yes they are in need of being folded and put away but at least they smell good!

I've found that to overcome the things I see as "big" it becomes easier when I  see the "bigger" things! Say for instance... A family of 12 would have much more laundry so looking at my 5 loads for the day.. even add in thinking of the two still in the wash and dryer... I see them as much smaller!

So my hopes today is someone somewhere will see the mountain of 5 loads of laundry in my room tonight and take on their two or three with joy! Be Thankful they are clean clothes!

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